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EPK - John Kingsley Music


John Kingsley embarks on a solo career after playing in several bands in the local Seattle area including Chemical Imbalance, Social Decline, Blue Crowded Gray, and The Mudbanks.   

With the release of his much anticipated album "About the Town" Kingsley has established himself in the Pacific Northwest Music Scene

Influenced by other Pacific Northwest bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains, Kingsley is at home in front of a large crowd like Hempfest or intimate settings where he sings about important personal events of his life like love, friendship, and happiness along with loss, sadness and depression.

Recently signed to Momma Lynn Records, Kingsley recorded "About the Town" at Studio Sage in Edmonds, WA with Producer and Engineer Tim Sage at the helm. 

Kingsley's music can be found at fine retailers around the country and digitally distributed through all the major digital outlets and streaming services. (

I've had too many heartbreaks in bands. From other member’s destructive drug use to egos flying, I just want to have fun with music. It's not supposed to be a competition, it's about the love of music and pouring your heart out in a song.” - JK 

Some of his loyal fans would agree. “He puts his heart and soul into his music,” said one fan, ‘You can feel his passion.” 




February 19, 2016 

Momma Lynn Management Announces John Kingsley to Record at Studio Sage

Momma Lynn Management (MLM) announces Singer-Songwriter John Kingsley has joined the Momma Lynn family of companies and will record at Studio Sage in Edmonds, Washington. His debut album, "About Town," will be a collection of Kingsley's insightful views of the world and a healing introspective of his life. Recording begins in Mid-March 2016. (read more)

November 3, 2016

Momma Lynn Records (MLR) Announces John Kingsley "About the Town" Release Date

Momma Lynn Records (MLR) announces the debut solo album by John Kingsley entitled "About the Town," will be released on December 2, 2016. The much-anticipated album recorded at Studio Sage in Edmonds, Washington gives the listener a glimpse into Kingsley's heart and soul and the insightful views of his world. (read more)


Official Music Video